Heel Spurs: Do You Have Them In Your Feet?

If you suffer from severe pain in one of your heels, you may think you damaged the tendons or muscles in your foot or ankle. You may actually have heel spurs in your foot. Heel spurs can be difficult to detect and treat without a podiatrist's help. Learn more about heel spurs and how a podiatrist can diagnose and treat you below. How Do You Get Heel Spurs? Your heel bone sits in the back of your foot and just under the ankle bone.

Nail Care Tips Every Diabetic Should Know About

If you have diabetes, how you care for your feet is going to differ from someone that doesn't have diabetes. Your feet have to be protected to prevent issues such as nerve damage, infections and even amputation. If you have issues with your feet at all as a diabetic, you should seek treatment from your podiatrist. Even simple tasks such as taking care of your nails and having them trimmed needs to be done with special care and attention.