Learning More About Podiatrist Care

Nail Care Tips Every Diabetic Should Know About

If you have diabetes, how you care for your feet is going to differ from someone that doesn't have diabetes. Your feet have to be protected to prevent issues such as nerve damage, infections and even amputation. If you have issues with your feet at all as a diabetic, you should seek treatment from your podiatrist. Even simple tasks such as taking care of your nails and having them trimmed needs to be done with special care and attention. To help you take care of your nails, read on for some nail care tips.

Clip Them Straight Across

Your nails should always be trimmed straight across, not at an angle so you are digging into the nail bed on the sides of your toes. If you dig too far in, you are more susceptible for ingrown toenails, which can be painful and irritating for anyone, but they can spell disaster for someone with diabetes. If you are a diabetic with an ingrown toenail, it can lead to infections, which can worsen and eventually cause a loss of a toe if you aren't treated properly for this issue. Clip your nails straight across, and resist the urge to dig into the sides of your toenails. If you feel you have an ingrown toenail, get to the podiatrist for help.

Don't Get Salon Pedicures

Skip those salon pedicures. They may seem nice and relaxing, but if you happen upon a salon that isn't as clean as it should be and end up with an infection, it could be very painful and require a lot of treatment that just isn't worth it. You can paint your toenails and scrub your feet yourself at home and save some money instead. 

Watch For Infections And Sores

Keep an eye on your toes, nails and feet, and look at them often for sores or wounds that you may have incurred that aren't healing properly. If any of them worsens or they are infected, be sure to get to the podiatrist right away for treatment. If you have an open sore, it can easily get infected, so you need to be sure to keep an eye on it. 

If you are diabetic, you need to be extra vigilant about your feet and your toenails. Protect your feet as best as you can and if you have any wounds or injuries to your feet, keep a close eye on it. Get to the podiatrist, like one at MARLBORO PODIATRY CENTER INC, for an exam and treatment to prevent it from worsening.