Learning More About Podiatrist Care

Don't Neglect Your Feet This Summer

Sure, pedicures are a great way to help keep your feet beautiful and healthy throughout the summer. However, it is important to understand that this is just the start. There are a number of additional things you need to consider if you truly want to protect your feet this summer.


When planning a day in the sun, most people understand the importance of applying sunscreen. Make sure you aren't overlooking your feet. Some people assume that the thicker skin on their feet is absolved of UV ray damage. Feet require the same level of protection from the sun as the rest of your skin.

If you're only going to be walking, apply the sunscreen to the sides and top of your feet, or any area not covered by your shoes. However, if your plans include lying down on the beach or ground, you also want to apply sunscreen on the bottoms of your feet too for complete protection.


Summer is a great time to intensify your moisturizing efforts. The main problem is that most sandals are open-back, which means there is an absence of a support for the heal area. A lack of support can cause the heel to spread when walking, especially for an extended period.

When the skin is dry, the spreading will lead to a painful crack. The more you keep your feet moisturized, the less likely they are to crack. Try to moisturizer well before you plan to go out with your sandals on as this can make your feet slippery. Give the product time to soak into the skin.

Dry Feet

Increased heat and humidity levels can make foot sweat a serious problem for many people. A case of smelly feet is only the start of the problem. Increased moisture also increases the risk for a fungal infection. To avoid this, make sure you are wearing breathable shoes, such as those made from lightweight materials and with small air holes. 

If sweating is still an issue, keep an extra pair of shoes in your car so you can change should your shoes get wet. You can also use these shoes as a change if you're going to a place where your shoes can get wet, such as a waterpark, to prevent prolonged moisture exposure.

The preventative steps you take won't just keep your feet healthy now, but throughout the entire year. Make certain you are working towards protecting your feet.  Talk to a doctor, like Mid Nebraska Foot Clinic, for more.