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What Could Have Caused These Ingrown Toenails?

For people who rarely get ingrown toenails, it can be a shocking mystery. The condition is sometimes assumed to be part of bad grooming, but it's a disaster that can affect people that are simply in troublesome circumstances. Take a look at a few problems that could have lead to ingrown toenails and other toenail growth form problems to get a better idea of what to avoid once the problem is fixed. 

Ill-Fitting Shoes

Wearing the wrong shoe size is an issue of comfort, but comfort is subjective. Some people may prefer the tight fitting of a shoe that is one or more sizes too small, while others may not notice the tightness at all. Unfortunately, your toenails can be an indicator or poor shoe sizing.

As your toenails extend, the pressure against the nail material (keratin) from the shoes causes the buildup direction to warp. In many cases, the bend will go in the natural direction of a bent nail--downwards. Although this isn't safe or even possible for some people, if you were to push the end of a long fingernail slightly, you'll notice that the pressure is relieved by pushing the nail material down.

The problem with a tight-fitting shoe is that pressure is applied across a long period of time, meaning that as more nail material protrudes, more material may threaten to grow into the skin below.

Pressure doesn't simply promote downward growth. Some forms of pressure can pinch the toes from the sides and lead to a higher-arching pattern that can cause growth into the sides of the toes.

Excessive Moisture And Cleanliness

Toes are more susceptible to change when saturated, which can happen if you live in a humid area and constantly wear shoes.

The buildup of condensation and sweat from hotter, humid areas can cause your toenails to be warped sooner than with ill-fitting shoes alone. Thankfully, this also makes your toes easier to groom--if you're able to groom them on at least a weekly basis. Check them daily to notice any growth pattern changes.

Being around a lot of water has the same effect, which can affect people who work around bodies of water. Outdoor researchers, water conservation professionals, military service-members on missions in coastal or swamp terrain and many other professionals have increased exposure to weakened toenail material.

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